Personal Crisis of an Uprooted Rationalist

“[…] the way the old dog walked, with clotted, tired fur; down nobody’s alley, being nobody’s dog.”
                                                                                                                     ~~ Charles Bukowski~~
Nineteen months lived;
         nineteen different melodies,
                             seen but heard;
         Narrated experiences. Inexperienced.
Sands in glass — labelled, tagged, marked; owned.
                 Lost never had.

Binaries interplayed in dimensions;
                        rhetoric of counter-rhetoric.
Rationality, a reluctant absurdist. Farce.

Centres and Margins. Annihilate.
Of cultivated necessity begotten,
                        a Destruction. Shivers.

Identities. Transcendent signifiers.
                                   May be.
                                   Assorted Psychedelics.

Epiphany. Not broken illusions.
          Quantum of logical aesthetics.

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