One More Try

"They way the old dog walked, down nobody's alley, 
 being nobody's dog.
                               ---Charles Bukowski ---


So he takes out his keyboards

and fires up his router

and prepares to tell his story.

One more time. This time

he will tell it right —

tell them all about the three stolen poems

and the broken pen

and how they laughed and called his tears crazy.

This time will be different!

He says to himself,

the poor misguided fool contemplating

his mental exclamation marks!

A bar and a dot. Everything that had led life to this point.

But this time he will tell his story different.

Stories. They are all the same.

It’s the people in the audience

who make the difference.

Or not.

So he prepares one more time,

dusting his keyboard and

cleaning his router.


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