I’m a Ph.D candidate in Concordia University, Montreal, researching the computational nature and biological basis of the human capacity for Language.

Academically, I am interested in a whole range of related things, but at their centre are the issues that Noam Chomsky raises in Things No Amount of Learning Can Teach! What kind of knowledge is encoded in our genes, what is their informational complexity, and what laws of nature constrain them? These are interesting questions that were asked, over half a century ago, by Noam Chomsky, and my research interest primarily concerns bringing formal mathematical and computational tools to bear on them. I am particularly interested in adopting the cellular automata based approach to understanding complex natural phenomena, such as language and cognition, advocated by Stephen Wolfram, and exploring to what extent such simple processes could help us explain how the neonate brain extracts rich information from essentially extremely impoverished data.

When I’m not wasting my life on mathematical hocus pocus, I can be found hovering around superbikes and litrebikes… and I ramble incoherently about far left political theories and Free Software from time to time…