Misrepresenting Chomsky – 101

One of the endless efforts involved in trying to understand Chomsky concerns constantly shaking off the urge to identify with -isms. This is, perhaps, best summarised by Chomsky's simple approach to determining moral yardsticks - if it's wrong when they do it, then it's wrong when we do it. In other words, and perhaps as the historian... Continue Reading →

EPP, Chomsky and Elegance in Theory

Since Chomsky’s (1981) revision of the Projection Principle (PP) to include the stipulation that every sentence have a subject (Extended Projection Principle; EPP), syntactic theory has been troubled with an apparent explanatory gap. The empirical coverage of the content of EPP is well-documented (Carnie, 1995; Chomsky, 1994), but it remains restricted to a descriptive statement.... Continue Reading →

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