Misrepresenting Chomsky – 101

One of the endless efforts involved in trying to understand Chomsky concerns constantly shaking off the urge to identify with -isms. This is, perhaps, best summarised by Chomsky's simple approach to determining moral yardsticks - if it's wrong when they do it, then it's wrong when we do it. In other words, and perhaps as the historian... Continue Reading →

(Un-)manufactured Consent

There is a lot to be complained about, when it comes to the legal system that stems from the American Constitution. As constitutions go, it is not a particularly bright one. When a group of slave-owning white men are chased out of Europe for being too fundamentalist (!), and they travel to a new land... Continue Reading →

The Emperor of the Kingdom of Night

Look between the carcasses of floating fancies - yesterday's celebrations and half-hearted desires. All the payments of disposable dreams: one man's luxury and another's adventures; The great triumphs of capitalism--a ghost story; Transient, fleeting, momentary stillness of gasped breaths: remnants, if judgmental, of your wants and his needs - And in between the discarded And... Continue Reading →

Life, as Ken Scudder Knew It!

A tireless civil-rights activist, a true 1960's radical, and an evergreen figure of the San Fransisco adult film scene, Ken Scudder passed away on December 20th, 2019. Scudder's life, not unlike the man himself, was a bit of an enigma. On the one hand he was, as this Rialto Report article points out, "a perennial stalwart... Continue Reading →

Labored Confusions

In the dim squalor of sweatshops tucked behind silhouetted skyscrapers - glittering blood diamonds on black velvet - the rhythmic thundering of hammers, and little heartbeats stolen from forgotten schoolyards, sound the trumpets of neoliberalism. Gucci, Armani, Tiffany's, Ivy Leagues and Standardized Testing materials; and in the hollowed out shells of heavy ordinance, Imperial Democracy... Continue Reading →

Golden Age Comics: With A Twist

Superhero comics are, supposedly, fun! Right? Except when you really think about it, they are not. When you read them in a historical and political context, they are blatantly sexist, discriminative, privilege-perpetuating pieces of propaganda garbed in bright colors and designed to distract people from their undertone. And it works! As Edward Bernays knew all... Continue Reading →

Epilogue to Identity Politics

  Barrack Obama is almost out of the White House, and boy!, did he have some Call-of-Duty-styled fun with the world during his time in power! And the saddest bit is that this hawkish, lying, totalitarian goon will only look saintly in comparison to the utterly bigoted lunatic white supremacist who is to follow him.... Continue Reading →

Hope: Memoirs of a Homeless Vagabond

"[...] beneath the glitter and glitz, the diamonds and black velvet, deep below, the Metropolis' heart beats; down in the sewers and gutters, where its dearest families live." -- Paul Theroux; Memories of New York City-- She had come to hate it -- Hope. The word. The sound. The concept. The unabashed cruelty of it... Continue Reading →

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