One More Try

"They way the old dog walked, down nobody's alley, being nobody's dog. ---Charles Bukowski ---   So he takes out his keyboards and fires up his router and prepares to tell his story. One more time. This time he will tell it right -- tell them all about the three stolen poems and the broken... Continue Reading →


Two birds on a wire chirping, fidgeting, ruffling feathers. The opera of the summer Of their discontent. On and on and on -- they chirp and fidget and ruffle their feathers.   A bird on a wire. Chirping, fidgeting, no ruffled feathers. Dripping wet the first of the monsoon's drops on the alley cat. She... Continue Reading →

Ciao Maschio

For Abigail and Gail, and the memories they left behind.   Among all things Leaves turn the palest of brown having burned green brightest. Smashed, crunched, trod on, kicked and swept away. Tears of the fall, defiant dreams of All her accumulated yesterdays.

Labored Confusions

In the dim squalor of sweatshops tucked behind silhouetted skyscrapers - glittering blood diamonds on black velvet - the rhythmic thundering of hammers, and little heartbeats stolen from forgotten schoolyards, sound the trumpets of neoliberalism. Gucci, Armani, Tiffany's, Ivy Leagues and Standardized Testing materials; and in the hollowed out shells of heavy ordinance, Imperial Democracy... Continue Reading →


The way the days pass, with tired breaking of Insincere Promises; while the unending retrospections of a cognizant mind, Despair at its reluctant inertia.

Primate Saturday: Jane & Her Chimps

You know what  who I have always been jealous of? Scientists who have found a life-long obsession vocation -- Diane Fossey in the mountains of Uganda, Galdikas in Borneo, and of course, Jane Goodall in Tanzania! I wonder, often, how fulfilling it must be to be able to chase down your scientific curiosities throughout your... Continue Reading →

Golden Age Comics: With A Twist

Superhero comics are, supposedly, fun! Right? Except when you really think about it, they are not. When you read them in a historical and political context, they are blatantly sexist, discriminative, privilege-perpetuating pieces of propaganda garbed in bright colors and designed to distract people from their undertone. And it works! As Edward Bernays knew all... Continue Reading →

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