Primate Saturday: Cocoa with Koko

For over almost half a century, Francine "Penny" Patterson has claimed that her surrogate daughter, a female western lowland gorilla named Koko, can use sign language productively. Following what started as her own PhD project, Koko has gained international publicity due to both the public's fascination with a domesticated gorilla that clearly interacts (but not necessarily... Continue Reading →


Slow, dull, monotonous, persistent and unforgiving; Every beat renews the ever darkening constancy of a reluctant pessimist. An exercise in futility; rusting arteries can only blacken young blood, with each new beat. Slow; Dull; Unrelenting; Never learning. Mockingbirds do not return to leafless branches and play Muse to the poets of eternal Fall.

Primate Saturday: Ham in Space

Before there was Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin or Carl Sagan, there were the forgotten apes we sent to space. Whether such acts reflect human anthropocentrism, or whether they were worthwhile sacrifices for furthering our understanding of the cosmos, is an open debate. No one, of course, in their right minds would claim that we should... Continue Reading →

In All Fairness

Forked-tongued, mousse haired, black tied Cretins whistle hawkish tunes, circling the bodies of Syrian children washed up on Bodrum shores, singing war songs, beating battle drums. Lying, stealing, pillaging, boundary-challenged savants, talk of walls and borders. And from the heights of Standing Rock, drenched in the blood and tears of an once proud People, Fair... Continue Reading →

Primate Saturday: Mutual Aid Apes

Bonobos share 98.7% of our DNA. Physically, they resemble chimpanzees. But something remarkable sets them apart from their primate cousins, making them an altogether different animal. Bonobos live in almost complete absence of violence; work cooperatively toward shared goals; foster a society that values equality; and engage in prolific casual sex. Could these gentle, promiscuous... Continue Reading →

Primate Saturday: DIY Orangutans

This is going to be a new series in the spirit of understanding the evolution of beings that would ultimately result in higher cognition, the highest being the human ability for logical natural language (my personal area of research). We are all, of course, descendants from the same single source, but even though we share... Continue Reading →

Epilogue to Identity Politics

  Barrack Obama is almost out of the White House, and boy!, did he have some Call-of-Duty-styled fun with the world during his time in power! And the saddest bit is that this hawkish, lying, totalitarian goon will only look saintly in comparison to the utterly bigoted lunatic white supremacist who is to follow him.... Continue Reading →


As the eighth year drifts in, The seven gone by, sighs. Melancholy drips from the eyes, In faces turned to ghosts. Held steadfast in the mind, By memories of long abandoned dreams. Empty nests, forgotten lays, faded tunes And mockingbirds gone away. Lingering doubts, drifitng nostalgia, Uncertain amnesia, Can memories lie? Or do the threads... Continue Reading →

Brick Lane

"Forgotten energy may hold these persons fast in memory, but they would hardly have any ground left under them and even their legs would have already turned to smoke." ~~ Franz Kafka, Diaries; Sunday, 19th July, 1910~~ Abstractions. Coherent, sensible, logical progression Of intangible notions. Naive realism of the infallibility Of observationally unverifiable postulations; his... Continue Reading →

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